Summer Series – Tuesday/Thursday 5th May to 27th August

Racing on evenings through the summer months.

Tuesdays and Thursdays for Keelboats

Racing will be for Restricted and Unrestricted NHC, and Ruffian 23

Wednesdays for Dinghys

Racing for Topper, Quba, Bahia, RS400 fleets and others.

The start date for this is provisional as it depends on the completion of the slipway works.

Quba’s and Bahia’s will be available be borrowed free to members who have the necessary dinghy experience to start racing. Contact Brian if interested.


  • Early Tuesday Keelboat Series – 5 May to 30 June
  • Early Wednesday Dinghy Series – 3 June to 1 July
  • Early Thursday Keelboat Series – 7 May to 2 July
  • Late Tuesday Keelboat Series – 7 July to 25 August
  • Late Wednesday Dinghy Series – 8 July to 26 August
  • Late Thursday Keelboat Series – 9 July to 27 August