John Merrick Trust Award

Posted 14th November 2018 by TMC #training

John Merrick Trust Award image

Some further good news for our RTC and junior racing group

We have again completed a John Merrick Trust application for one of our juniors - Tyler Playfair and just heard that he has been awarded a new racing topper. The boat will be owned by CSC (but insured by RYA for 1st 2 years) and as part of the application we have agreed that he will have sole use of the boat for two years. Tyler has been sailing at the club now for 3 years and has completed all his levels with us from stage 1 to start racing. He is the first child down for Friday night sailing and has taken part in all coaching offered. His parents are very supportive and the family are delighted, they have committed to taking Tyler to events to develop his racing skills so this is excellent news.

Katie Nelson was awarded a John Merrick Trust boat 2 years ago, so now that Katie photographed above has progressed out of the topper fleet her racing topper is to be re-allocated to another junior within our club who is showing potential and who will develop within racing.

Following discussions with the coaching team the club have offered this boat to Mateo Moore for a 2 year period on the same basis as the John Merrick Trust commitment.

Mateo has been in the same sailing group as Tyler for the past 3 years and has showed excellent potential, which will be further developed with a racing spec boat.

Hopefully Katie will now progress on to the Laser or RS fleets

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