Lagan Cruise – Sat 30th July

The Lagan cruise takes place on 30th July. Please note that we do need names & numbers in advance so we can make bookings.

You can register participants using the button below. Please purchase tickets for all those participating.


0830 Depart Marina

0930 Assemble in vicinity of no 13 channel marker

Await clearance to enter channel

1030 Tie up, Belfast Harbour Marina, transfer to small boats

1100 Small boats assemble below weir to await opening

1115 Proceed over weir, in procession, led by ‘Sublime’

1230 Arrive Cutters Wharf (see note 7), go ashore for soup & sandwich, upstairs

1400 Depart Cutters Wharf, in procession, led by ‘Sublime’

1500 Arrive Belfast Harbour Marina, transfer to yachts

1530 Await clearance to proceed down Channel

Leave Channel at mark 13, taking care crossing the channel, and proceed to Carrickfergus

  1. As this is a Club event, lifejackets/buoyancy aids should be worn
  2. We use VHF channel 8 as working channel, and Ch12 within the harbour: note Ch12 is only for communication with port control, inter boat communication is on Ch8. (although we may need to change).
  3. HWB 131 4 BST
  4. We may not enter Victoria Channel without clearance, and should do so as a fleet. Note shallow water beyond Channel Marker 13 outside channel.
  5. There are rowing races on the River Lagan on this day. Row boats have priority and must be passed dead slow. Hence Sublime will lead the procession of boats and will slow down when row boats appear.
  6. The speed limit on the River Lagan is 10km/h (approx. 5.5kt)
  7. The weir will close approx. 1510. Any vessel upstream after the weir is closed is stuck till the next tide!
  8. We need to apprise Harbour Control when the last vessel has left the harbour.
  9. All vessels must have their own insurance
  10. First aid kits should be carried.
  11. While information is given in good faith, safe pilotage of vessels is the skipper’s sole responsibility


Carrickfergus Marina – No 13 channel marker 4.0nm

No 13 channel marker – Harbour Marina 3.3nm

Harbour Marina – Stranmillis 3.0 statute miles

The cost is £15 per person, for berthing at Belfast Harbour Marina, light lunch & a contribution to club boat fuel.

Roger Woodward