Policy on Loan of Club Vessels

  1. The club owns a number of sailing vessels including:
    a. 9 Toppers
    b. 8 Qubas
    c. 3 Bahias
  2. Suitably qualified/experienced Club Members may book the use of these craft for racing in one of the Club’s race series. For this purpose “member” means:
    a. Ordinary member
    b. Family member
    c. 18-25 associate
    d. Junior associate
  3. The applicant must be suitably qualified (normally RYA stage 3)
  4. In loaning a boat the member must undertake:
    a. To keep the boat in good order
    b. To ensure the boat is available for Club courses, informal training sessions and other Club events where the boat if required.
  5. For a series (normally 8 – 10 sessions) a charge of £50 is payable. It must be noted that, in entering a boat for a race series, the Club rules regarding membership status of crew must be observed.
  6. Application for loan must be made to the Hon. Sailing Secretary, or RTC Principal, who will ascertain the suitability of the member for this loan. A form (attached below) must be completed for loan for a series.
  7. The Club also owns a number of other vessels: 3 RIBs and a workboat (“Sublime”). These boats are not normally available for loan.

A printable version of this policy and application form can be downloaded below