Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions – June Series

1. Rules

1.1. The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in the Virtual Racing Rules of Sailing

2. Eligibility and Entry

2.1. The regatta is open to all members of Carrickfergus Sailing Club and their friends.

2.2. Competitors may enter by filling in the online entry at

2.3. Competitors will be added to the CSC Virtual Sailing WhatsApp group which will be done after a completed entry is received.

2.4. If there are more than 20 starters on a particular evening then racing will be run in groups as defined by the RYA Race Management Guide. For the first race the division of groups will be based on the order of entries received. For subsequent days it will be based on overall results before the first race of the day.

3. Schedule

3.1. Dates of Racing: Thursday 4, 11, 18, 25 June.

3.2. Number of Races per day: Up to 4

3.3. The scheduled time of the warning signal for the first race each day is 19:35

3.4. No warning signal will be made after 20:30

4. Venue

4.1. Racing will take place on a private custom race at any of the available venues on Virtual Regatta Inshore

5. Notice to Competitors

5.1. Notices to competitors will be posted on the club media channels.

5.2. Race Management communication will take place on WhatsApp.

5.3. Additionally, a Zoom conference will be notified in the Race Management channel to add to the social aspect of the regatta.

6. Changes to Sailing Instructions

6.1. Any change to the sailing instructions will be posted before 1830 on the day it will take effect, except that any change to the schedule of races will be posted by 2359 on the day before it will take effect.

7. The Courses

7.1. The courses to be sailed will be any of the available courses in the game.

8. The Start

8.1. Races will be started as follows:

8.2. The host will open the race a minimum of 3 minutes before a race start and share the access code on the communication channel.

8.3. You will need to join the race within 4 minutes of code being shared.

8.4. The sequence will be as defined by the game.

9. The Finish

9.1. The finishing line will be as defined by the game.

10. Penalty System

10.1. The penalty system will be as applied by the game.

11. Scoring

11.1. One discard will be applied for each night’s racing if 3 or more races are completed on that night.

12. Prizes

12.1. Prizes will be awarded at the discretion of the Race Committee.