Code of Conduct

At CSC we have a
Zero tolerance approach
to unacceptable behaviour

We are committed to providing a safe and secure club environment for all our members, associates, visitors and guests regardless of gender, age, disability, sexuality, ethnicity or religious beliefs.

Carrickfergus Sailing Club – Code of Conduct

Carrickfergus Sailing Club expects all members, associates, their guests, visitors, and staff to show respect and understanding to each other and to treat everyone equally and conduct themselves in a way that reflects the principles and abides by the rules, byelaws and regulations of the club.

Rude, foul, offensive, abusive, aggressive, intimidating, threatening, discriminatory or racist language or behaviour, or a lack of respect for other people and their property, will not be tolerated.

Misconduct should be reported immediately to the Management Committee and following investigation may lead to disciplinary action.

Club members, associates, guests, and visitors must ensure their conduct is always acceptable and are required to:

  • Abide by the club’s Rules, Byelaws, Regulations, Code of Conduct and other Policies.
  • Follow the club’s operating, safety, social media, and safeguarding procedures.
  • Treat members and visitors with respect and understanding, regardless of their gender, age, disability, sexuality, ethnicity, or religious beliefs.
  • Avoid the use of profane or offensive language, gestures, insults, or similar behaviour whether on club premises, at a club event, or when using the club’s or any other social media channels.
  • Encourage all members to play as full a role in the club as they wish to and support them in developing their skills and experience.
  • Recognise the contribution of any officers, committee members, coaches, instructors, officials, and volunteers.
  • Prioritise the safety and wellbeing of participants.
  • Promote courtesy to other sailors and water users.
  • Comply with the club’s COVID-19 procedures.
  • Use established procedures where there is a genuine concern or dispute.

Club members, associates, guests, and visitors can expect to:

  • Feel welcome and valued.
  • Be respected and treated fairly.

Together we can make a positive impact against any form of abusive or discriminatory language or behaviour in our Club – if you challenge it, report it, change it.