Further Information

Thanks for requesting further information in relation to the Club Franchise Agreement.

The Franchise will run for a period of 2 years however there will be a 6 Month probationary period for both parties.

The current Club Bar opening Hours are:

Monday – Closed
Tuesday – 1930 – 2200
Wednesday – 1930 – 2200
Thursday – 19.30 – 2300
Friday _ 1700 – 2300
Saturday – 1500 – 2300
Sunday – 1400 – 1900

Club opening hours are seasonal and can be adjusted with demand.

The weekly dining previously in operation:
Friday – 1700 – 2100
Saturday – 1300 – 2100
Sunday – 13.00 – 1800

Events traditionally catered:

  • Adult sailing events requiring BBQ or Evening meal for approx 50
  • Youth Sailing events requiring hot pasta or soup for approx 70 – 120
  • Annual Prize giving dinner. Sit down 3 course meal for approx 100
  • Christmas dinner for approx 60
  • Members BBQ for approx 50
  • Speciality nights (Tapas, Fish & Chips night, Taccos etc) for approx 50
  • Themed nights ( murder mystery, casino, Halloween) Buffet style for approx 60
  • Sunday carvery for approx 50
  • Private Member functions for Birthday Parties, Funerals and Sailing related meetings

Club Facilities:

Kitchen Fixtures & Fittings :
Double Gas Fryer
Electric Griddle
6 Ring Gas Hob
6 Grid Combi Oven
Salamander Grill
Chefs Larder Fridge
Upright Large Freezer
Small dry Foods Store
Dishwasher pass through
Serving Bain Marie

Dining Area for approx
Seating for approx. 40 covers

Casual Bar Area

Outdoor Area:

The Caterer shall be responsible for:

  1. provide a general high quality catering service in the clubhouse to include the services of hot and cold meals, snacks, refreshments and non-alcoholic hot beverages to members and guests. All alcohol consumed in the course of the catering provision will be purchased through the Club bar;
  2. ensure that the food service areas are open and sufficiently staffed during such times as shall be agreed from time to time with CSC;
  3. be responsible for the ordering, and supply of items of food and beverages of good and sound quality in accordance with lists, prominently displayed in the clubhouse, and at competitive prices having regard to the quality of service required by CSC;
  4. not without the consent of CSC to store any food or materials in any areas which are not intended for use in connection with the catering operation thereat;
  5. at all times maintain high standards of hygiene and general cleanliness in the preparation, handling and serving of food and beverages and in the use and maintenance of fittings, utensils and equipment and ensure compliance with all statutory requirements [including the Food Safety (NI) Order 1991 and the Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations (NI) 2006 and all relevant Codes of Practice and Guides];
  6. keep clean at all times those areas designated for the sole use, during the catering operation, including the kitchen, equipment, utensils, carpet, tables, chairs and floors.
    Remove and clean extraction filter panels on a quarterly basis.
  7. Provide a sufficient number of competent, customer friendly and properly trained staff.
    This to include adequate cover for holidays, illness or other such events.
    Ensure that all staff shall be suitably dressed and shall be clean, sober and civil;
  8. in the event of disorderly conduct occurring, to take immediately such effective steps as are possible.
    Report immediately any incidents to an officer of the club or to the bar person.
  9. Pay rates of wages and observe hours and regulations of labour no less favourable than those established for the catering industry and prevailing in the local area; and in line with the National Minimum Wage legislation.
  10. make such satisfactory arrangements as are necessary for the removal of waste and for the cleaning and safety of all areas under the Caterer’s control and not to discharge any noxious or deleterious substances into the drains and pipes serving Club premises.
  11. be responsible for the replacement of any items of equipment or furniture which may be damaged or destroyed through the negligence of the Caterer or its employees (excluding normal wear and tear of equipment).
  12. launder as required, all table coverings and napkins for use in the catering areas and all catering staff uniforms and protective clothing.
  13. maintain, for the Committee, all statistics as shall be required in connection with the operation of the franchise.
  14. accept liability for any injury, loss or damage to any person or property (including CSC Members, guests, employees and property) caused by its negligence or default or that of its employees or agents and indemnify CSC against any costs, claims and expenses whatsoever in respect thereof.
  15. maintain insurance cover against any such injury, loss and damage as mentioned in sub-clause (3n), providing for cover of up to £5million in respect of any one incident.
    Display public Liability insurance certificate prominently in the kitchen.
  16. supply, maintain and replace as necessary, all items of first-aid equipment in the kitchen. Keep records of any incidents in an accident book.
  17. ensure adequate security precautions for those areas under the Caterer’s control.
  18. effectively market the catering operation however obtaining the approval of CSC for all promotional and advertising literature prior to distribution.
  19. notify CSC solely through a nominated person to whom the caterer will be made aware, forthwith of any matters connected with the catering operation. Any functions requiring sole use of a particular area of the club premises must be booked through the club booking procedure.
  20. ensure that safe working practices are carried out at all times by catering staff and comply with relevant Health and Safety regulations.
  21. permit authorised CSC Officers, employees and agents to have access to and inspect, upon reasonable notice, all areas under the Caterer’s control;
  22. generally comply with all reasonable directions of CSC in connection with the good management of the club house;
  23. the kitchen and its facilities are not to be used for the purposes of off-site catering without the permission of CSC.
  24. attend relevant meetings as required.
  25. Crockery and cutlery provision.
  26. Provision for members to make cash and card payments.

Exceptions to the Caterer’s provision of the Services

  1. The Caterer agrees that, in the event of the Club wishing to raise money for a specific purpose, the Club shall have the right to ask Club Members to supply meals and refreshments for such events, which will be limited to 6 occasions per year.
  2. The Caterer acknowledges that, on Club Regatta Day, the Club’s members have the right to provide food and refreshments for competing crews after racing.
  3. The Caterer agrees that, in addition to alcoholic beverages, tea and coffee may be purchased by members from the Club bar.
  4. Club BBQs.

CSC shall, during the term of the franchise, observe the following conditions:-

  1. it shall not permit the supply of a catering service of any description by any other person by way of trade in the club house;
  2. it shall maintain in good repair and condition the exterior and structural parts of the clubhouse and mechanical, electrical and other services;
  3. it shall be responsible for the supply of all furniture in the clubhouse;
  4. it shall minimise as far as reasonably practicable any disruption consequent upon any repairs or works at or to the club house;