RYA Adult Sailing Scheme

Dates for 2023

  • 8-9 July Start Sailing – Level 1
  • 22-23 July Basic Skills – Level 2
  • 29-30 July Better Sailing – Level 3
  • 5-6 August – (Provisional depending on up-take of previous courses)
  • 12-13 August – (Provisional depending on up-take of previous courses)

Course Structure

RYA National Sailing Scheme Start Sailing Level 1 (min 2 Days)

Followed by the next level

RYA National Sailing Scheme Basic Skills Level 2 (min 2 Days)

The courses are run to RYA standards over at least four to six days with (weather permitting) with the overall objective of achieving the RYA level 2 Basic Skills. The course takes the form of a mixture of practical experience, on shore drills and short talks and is aimed at reaching a level where sailors can rig, launch and recover a dinghy, sail a basic course, return to shore and deal with a capsize situation .

Due to the vagaries of the weather course dates may be rescheduled as necessary and it may not be possible to complete all aspects of the course in the four days.

Once the course has been completed the participants will have use of the club boats for the remainder of the season subject to approval of the RTC principal.

Course Instructors

The course is typically run by 1 x RYA trained and certificated Senior Instructor with assistance from 1 x RYA Dinghy Instructor & Assistant Instructor under the guidance of the Club Principal or Chief Instructor.

Times/ Dates

Each year the Club schedules at least two courses

Saturday and Sunday Start times are 9.00am with an expected finish time of about 4.30-5pm or other days if agreed

Course 1 RYA NSS (Level 1 – Start Sailing )

2022 Cost: £125 / or (£165 non-members)

The cost of the course (2 days) (£165) for non-members includes an option of RTC temp membership during the period of the course.

Course 2 RYA NSS (Level 2 – Basic Skills Sailing)

2022 Cost: £125 or (£165 non-members)

Non members have the choice to join the Club and pay a standard membership fee. Details of the fees can be found on this link : xxxxxxxx

A RYA National Sailing Scheme log book and the certificates are included in the price. It is recommended to also purchase a RYA Start Sailing handbook- These can be purchased on-line at the RYA website: https://www.rya.org.uk/shop/p/dinghy-sailing/rya-start-sailing


Participants are advised to bring a packed lunch with them.


The club has 3 Laser Bahias for training purposes and we may also use the RS Qubas

The club also has a supply of buoyancy aids for the use of anyone who does not already own one.

Personal Clothing

  • Sailing is an outdoor sport and you will be exposed to the weather and may end up in the water.
  • Launching and recovery of boats will involve wet feet.
  • A wet suit with a windproof top is ideal for dinghy sailing and is essential e.g. Capsize Drill
  • Clothing should be warm, windproof and waterproof. A spare change of clothes and a towel is also advisable.
  • Foot wear should be suitable for use in water.
  • A hat is strongly recommended, as is sun cream.
  • Glasses should be attached securely.

Buoyancy aids or a life jacket are essential when on the water and can be supplied by the club if necessary.

Health and Safety

Please note that sailing is only permitted in the presence of a safety boat. All participants must wear a lifejacket or buoyancy aid.

Please ensure that you have completed the on-line registration.

Insurance/Club Membership

All participants must be a member, or temporary member of the club. Link: xxxxxxxxxx

All members must include their membership numbers on the eventbrite entry form to qualify for the members discount.

National Sailing Scheme RYA Adult Sailing Guide click to download