IMORTANT Note to all members – Covid 19 (Coronavirus)

As you will be aware, we are all facing an unprecedented international health situation. The committee has been monitoring Government and PHA advice regarding Coronavirus. When in club premises we ask that if you cough or sneeze, use a tissue to cover your mouth and nose, throw it away carefully after use and wash and dry your hands. 

In line with current guidelines we request that members help us by staying away from the club if you –

• Have been to any of the Category 1 or 2 countries* in the last 14 days or

• Have been in close contact with someone who has been to a Category 1 or 2 country in the last 14 days

• Have been in close contact with someone displaying symptoms of Coronavirus**

• Feel unwell or are displaying any symptoms of Coronavirus.

The committee is doing all we can to safeguard our members, and we appreciate your cooperation in this challenging time. 

If you have a positive diagnosis of Coronavirus please contact the Hon Secretary by email to advise if you have been in club premises. 

If you find yourself isolated and need support please do not hesitate to email

* See PHA website for latest information on Category 1 and 2 countries.

** Flu-like symptoms including cough, fever, breathing difficulties.