Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting is to be held on Wednesday 9th December 2020 at 19:30. 

Unfortunately this year we are unable to meet in the Clubhouse so it is the intention of the Management Committee to host this year’s meeting by Zoom. This is the platform already tried and tested by the RYA, RYANI and by other clubs in the Lough.

The invitation to the meeting will be issued by separate email ahead of the AGM. While this is not ideal, it is out of our control. Should you not be in a position to attend on Zoom we are able to send out all the relevant reports, including the Accounts. The Management Committee nominations are complete and once finalised the details will be sent to members, following the AGM.

The Agenda is noted below and, as ever, if there are any questions please send them to ahead of the AGM, and by Friday 4th December if possible. This will also allow us to get any clarifications from the Auditor as he will not be in attendance.

Following our email request for nominations in  October,  there is a list of those nominated and seconded for Committee positions. There was more than one nomination for some positions, therefore a vote is required for those ahead of the AGM.

In preparation for this we have appointed two independent tellers to accept, count and verify the votes. Further information on the nominations and the voting process is available from the club secretary.

We appreciate this is a different way of carrying out our business but hope that you will be able to attend virtually and that we have a successful AGM.

1. Welcome and Notice of AGM
1.1. Apologies
2. Minutes of previous AGM
3. Commodore’s Report
4. Honorary Secretary’s Report
5. Honorary Sailing Secretary’s Report
6. Honorary Treasurer’s Report
7. Annual Accounts
8. Election of Management Committee
9. Any Other Business

Andrea Windsor

Hon Secretary on behalf of the Management Committee