Membership Data Validation

In advance of the Membership Subscription Renewals being sent out for 2021 we are undertaking a data validation exercise. Over the period of 29-30 December a personalised email was sent from the Membership Secretary to confirm the details we currently have on record regarding your membership.

There have been a good number of confirmations and updates received so far. 

If you have received the email, but haven’t yet replied, we would be grateful if you could take a couple of minutes to check the content and confirm if it is correct, or provide any changes or additions as necessary.

If you don’t appear to have received it please check if it has been sent to your Spam/Junk folder for some reason. The Subject was of the form “CSC Membership Details Validation – <Membership Number> – <Name>” and it was sent from the address

it may also be the case that we don’t have a current email address on file for you. If so please send an email to so we can confirm the remainder of the records we hold.

Thanks for your assistance, Steve Atkinson – Membership Secretary