Member Thank You

Thank you!

Another month has passed since you received my last email and thankfully the days are getting longer and brighter and the vaccination programme is rolling on faster than a lot of has hoped and the prospect of getting back out on the water is getting much closer and the dream of even getting to the club for a well-deserved draught pint or what takes your fancy is hopefully not far over the horizon for all of us.

The main reason for this email is to say on behalf of the Management Committee a big thank you to all members who responded to the requests to support the club and pay their 2021 membership and on time to strengthen the financial position of the club and you have certainly done that so again thank you sincerely! Your support has been vital and amazing!

By the end of February (last week), we have received in approximately 70% of the normal annual membership fees, by those who have paid in full or signed up for the direct debit payments running January to June.

It goes without saying that we would further appeal to the remaining 30% who have not yet paid to do so on or before 31st March, which is the cut off date for payment, except in the case of new joining members.

Our thanks also goes to those members who have promptly paid their boat park fees, which as our main source of income after membership and the bar revenue has also been of great assistance. Some dinghy bills have still be issued so you haven’t been forgotten!

Boat Park

Having mentioned the boat park I have been asked to remind any members accessing the boat park for the permitted purposes currently allowed of carrying out essential checks on a boat (e.g., to check the boat is secure) that it is essential that they close and lock the boat park gates on leaving, including the wicket pass gate unless they have specifically agreed with any other member on site to do so.

It is important to realise that members with small dinghies and other small craft and trailers have insurance conditions specifically requiring them to be kept in a secure locked compound. Any member leaving the gates unlocked is risking other members insurance in event of theft.

Thank you all once again

Trevor McCaig