Member update on Indoor opening

Finally the announcement, which everyone has been waiting a very long time for, has arrived that we can at long last reopen the Clubhouse for indoor use!

Whilst the restrictions will be lifted on Monday 24th May we will not open until Thursday 27th May to allow for relocating stock from the boat shed, restocking and preparation of the Clubhouse to open.

The following restricted bar opening times will apply for a further period of time for staffing reasons and will be kept under review in line with usage.

Monday – Closed
Tuesday- 7.30 pm to 10.00 pm
Wednesday – Closed
Thursday – 7.30 pm to 11.00 pm
 Friday – 5.00 pm to 11.00 pm
Saturday – 3.00 pm to 11.00 pm
Sunday – 3.00 pm to 7.00 pm

Members are advised that the following mitigations will be in place inside
the Clubhouse and must be adhered to by all.

  • Face coverings must be worn when entering, exiting and moving about inside the club building such as going to toilets and must be worn when not seated for any reason and for staff.
  • Social distancing of 1 m minimum must be adhered to when moving inside.
  • Members and guests must use the sanitiser at entry and other points throughout the premises
  • Track and trace applies so everyone over 16 years must fill in their name, date and time of arrival. Records will be kept for 21 days & subject to GDPR regulations
  • Table service only applies and members may not approach the bar.
  • Maximum table size of 6 people applies per table – excluding children under 12.
  • Tables must remain at apart and must not be moved from their positions.
  • No indoor furniture may be moved outdoors.
  • No live music or dancing is permitted.
  • The premises must be ventilated and open windows or doors must not be closed other than by staff members
  • All Club COVID protocols & requirements must be obeyed and any member or guest not adhering to these will be refused service and requested to leave.
  • Any such breach will be subject to disciplinary action.

Now the Good News

All returning members who renewed their membership for 2021 and paid by the final subscription date of 31st March 2021 have had 10% of their membership fee added to their bar EPOS card and can use this credit in the Club on production of the card with order.

A number of members are still to collect their cards from the Club and new members will be allocated one for collection.

In the case of family members please note it was only possible to add the credit to one member card and it has been applied to the lead named member card.

You will not be entitled to use the credit or member discount without producing your card at time of order.

2021 Membership cards will also be  available for collection on reopening of the Club.

Members are again reminded that they are required to use their black fob to access the main gate and Clubhouse entrance door which must not be left open or propped open at any time.
CCTV is in operation and both the gate, door and premises are monitored 24/7.

Thank you sincerely once again, on behalf of the Management Committee, for your continued support of the Club during what has been very difficult times for everyone and I hope you will enjoy your return to the Club house and bar whether you choose to drink indoors or outdoors over the coming “summer” months.

Trevor McCaig